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Our gallery provides an ideal setting for making memories and making magic.



"Great venue for showings, parties and exhibits. Love film row and the vibe here." - Malena L.

"Amazing exhibits and shows! Great service to match!" Maurianna A.

"We loved the space and really helped make sure we had everything we needed to have a perfect party!" - Yvonne S.

How much does it cost?

The price of renting the gallery depends on the day of the week. To rent the full gallery on Sunday-Thursday the cost is $1,000, but on Friday-Saturday it would be $1,500. We also require a $300 deposit that must be made out as a check.

The full gallery is 4,500 sq feet

Are the prices the same for non-profit organizations?
If you are a registered 501c3 non-profit, please contact us directly about pricing.
What do I have to do to ensure I receive my deposit back?
You must make sure that there have been no damages and that the gallery has been cleaned/ swept after your event and that you do not stay past the designated end time. If you don’t want to worry about cleaning after your event, we do offer the option to have a cleaning service do it for you for $200.
What Is included with my rental?



12 – Rectangular Tables:
10 – 6 foot
2 – 8 foot
5 – 60” Round Tables
8 – 30” Café Tables
2 – 42” Tall Bistro Tables
8 – Barstools
70 – Black Cushioned Chairs
Use of Prep-kitchen
In-house Audio Visual Equipment
2 – Wireless Microphone
2 – LCD Projectors with Screens Media Docking Station

How long and how late can my event run?
The event may run for up to six hours. At the end of the 6th hour, you must be ready to leave. Our standard curfew time is midnight, however, we may approve a later time. If your event surpasses the allotted 6 hours, each additional hour costs $125.
When can I start setting up for my event?
You may begin loading in and setting up for your event at noon, the day of. If you want to have access the day before to set up, that can be arranged for a flat fee of $300. This is based on space availability.
Can I leave my rented tables/chairs/etc to be picked up the day after my event?
We generally require everything be removed from the gallery by the end of the rental period, so as to not disturb gallery visitors the next day. However, storage can be arranged if necessary, for a fee.
How many people can the gallery accommodate?
The gallery has a maximum capacity of around 280 people. That would be fine for a standing event. However, if you want to have a seated event/ reception we would recommend a maximum of 200 people.
Do you require that rentals use specific vendors?
We do not require that you use certain vendors. You may use whoever you like. However, we do have a list of preferred venders who we have enjoyed working with in the past.
Are there any items not allowed in the gallery?
No open flames, pets, rice, confetti, or glitter are allowed to be used inside the building without written consent from gallery director.
What art will be on the walls during my event?
If the rental date is within 8 months of the booking date, we will be able to tell you which artist(s) will be exhibiting at that time. If not, the exhibiting artists may not be determined. Art on the wall during events can not be removed or obstructed.
Is there parking?
The IAO Gallery does not have a dedicated parking lot. There is a privately owned parking lot to the north of the building available for rent. There is free street parking and metered parking around the block, and a self-pay parking garage two blocks away. The current price to rent the parking lot is $300 but this is subject to change at any time based on the current price charged by the parking lot property owner. You may email the parking lot owner directly for availability at
How can I pay for the rental?
Rental costs can be paid using cash, credit/debit cards, or checks. However, the $300 deposit must be made out as a check. There is a $30 return fee on any returned checks. We do not charge tax on rentals as we are a non-profit.
Do you have any catering options?


We personally do not provide catering, but a few of our neighbors on Film Row do!

  • Noir Bistro & Bar provides everything from hors d’oeuvres to full buffets. Homemade, locally-sourced ingredients and seasonally inspired menus and convenient proximity to the gallery. Contact Theresa Adams or call (405) 208-4233.
  • Joey’s Pizzeria is a few doors down from the gallery and provides catering for all kinds of events. You can find more information about their catering on their website, or call (405) 525-0545.
  • Caeli’s Sweets, Eats & Bar is another one of our neighborhood restaurants in Film Row. Caeli’s provides catering for from North Oklahoma City down to Norman. For more information about their catering services, call (405) 600-7885.